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Since the eighties I have been collecting articles relating to all things Norvin.


Below you will find chronological listings of some of my favourites which can be opened by clicking on the PDF logo below each article.


The articles with a star in the corner are directly related to the Spirit of the Sixties motorcycle series. 

Articles are available courtesy of Classic Bike Magazine, Classic Bike Guide,Motos d'hier, Cafe racer magazine and 100% Biker.

classic bike August 1982 web.jpg

August 1982

Not Just Another Norvin.

Classic bike April 1989.jpg

April 1989

Night School Racer.

classic bike August 1994 web.jpg

August 1994

The Ultimate Cafe Racer

classic bike September 2002 web.jpg

September 2002

Egli Vincent - Brute Force

100 percent biker May 2008 web.jpg

May 2008*

British Steel.

motos dhier aug 2009.jpg

August 2009*

Une Norvin, Sinon Rien!

100percent biker spirit of the sixties4

August 2011*

Spirit of the Sixties 4

classic bike September 1985 web.jpg

September 1985

Tight Fit!

classic bike guide June 1993.jpg

June 1993

Sixties Street Fighter.

classic bike guide February 1999 web.jpg

February 1999

The Ogri Norvin

classic bike january 2005 web.jpg

January 2005*

Classic Bike of the year Runner up.

cafe racer fall 2008 web.jpg

Fall 2008*

The People keeping cafe racers alive.

Pages from triumph espirit des sixties -

April 2010*

Triumph - Spirit of the Sixties.

classic bike November 1985 web.jpg

November 1985

A beast to build.

Classic bike October 1993 web.jpg

October 1993

Hooligan Bike.

classic bike August 2002 web.jpg

August 2002*

Hybrid built to Perfection

Building the perfect Norvin v twin Jim r

February 2008*

The search for perfection.

Pages from the best cafe racers in the w

June 2009*

The Best Cafe Racers in the World.

cafe racer spirit of the 60s triumph jun

June 2011*

Spirit of the 60s Triumph

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